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Water Sports in Tanjung Benoa, Bali

A daily tour is an effective way for you to discover various places in Bali. With a quick planned tour program, you are available to visit from 3 to 6 places in a day. Try to book several days program, and you'll get more chances to see more places with competitive prices. But, if you want to experience Bali on its beaches, then water sports in Tanjung Benoa can be a worthy chance to go. Parasailing, Banana Boats, Canoeing, Diving, Dkiing, and Flying Fish are among the famous experience featured in Tanjung Benoa.

Tanjung Benoa is located at the north of Nusa Dua. From Kuta, you can reach it by driving to Simpang Siur [Planet Hollywood Bali], take the right turn to Ngurah Rai airport and follow the path to the south to Nusa Dua.


According to the words [para + sail] Parasailing is a water attractions by using speed boats and a parachute. You'll be tighten with a couple of harnace from a speedboat on the other side. Imagine the adrenaline rush while you're being pulled at a 100 mph speed. Sure it would be different when you experienced it by yourself. Children are safe to experience this water sport, but it'd be better for you to accompany them since it supports tandem. Vector logo download.

Flying Fish is another kind of adrenaline sports. You'll have the chance to ride on a triple banana boats which pulled by a speedboat. At the 100 mph speed, the boat would fly up to 10 meters high. An instructor will take himself at the center of the boat to control the flying fish to 'fly' properly. Sometimes the wind pushes from the left and right side, thus the instructor will take control the balance of the flying fish to avoid the boat from rollover.

A Banana Boat is less tempting than the two previous, but also offer a cool experience. Unlike Parasailing and Flying Fish, you can ride this Banana Boat with other 5 mates. A speedboat is also contribute to this ride, where you'll be pulled over to the open sea and suddenly the speedboat will take a hard turn which will rollover the Banana Boat.

A water motorcycle which is famous all over the world: Jet Ski. David Hasselhoff used to ride them to save lives on Baywatch series. Try to experience it here.

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